Ravindra Gaikwad Abuses Cop, Causes Traffic Jam Because He Couldn’t Withdraw Money From ATM

Some people simply cannot mend their ways. Even if the whole nation has made sure to let them know that they had done something wrong. They will continue to live in the illusion that they are in the right, whether it means that they have manhandled a 60-year-old man or challenged the law and order like no normal citizen can even do.

Ravindra Gaikwad found himself in the thick of things again as he got into a very heated argument with a police officer in Latur, Maharashtra.

The reason? He sent his aide to withdraw money from an ATM and the ATM didn’t dispense any cash. And in the classic Shiv Sena style, he decided to organise a ‘peaceful’ protest against the ‘atrocity’ in front of the ATM.

Because an MP not able to withdraw cash is certainly reason enough to stage a protest. Someone take him aside and show him the reality Рthat normal citizens have been suffering from the cash crunch for more than 3 months now.


His peaceful protest caused a huge traffic jam in the area and the police had to come to investigate. And in the classic Gaikwad style, he started arguing with the police as to why the ATMs were dry.

“There is no money in the ATMs for the last 15 days. What should we do? They asked us to give them 50 days. We gave them 100 days, then 200 days.”

Like the police have a direct line to RBI’s office and will resolve the issue right now.

Someone, please tell Ravindra Gaikwad that he is at least 2 months late into protesting against the demonetization trend. Not sure that it will make any impact on him, but it is worth a try.

Meanwhile, Air India has written to Delhi Police asking them why no action was taken against the Shiv Sena MP.

The chances of police taking any action on him are as slim as Ravindra Gaikwad’s grasp of the concept of demonetization.

Source – NDTV