Justin Trudeau’s Eyebrow Allegedly Comes Off During Interview Leading To Highbrow Jokes!

Our current national politics has made a name for making some weird turns. There are talks about pakodas, milking cows and the latest one being about shikanji. However, with Donald Trump in the mix, world politics isn’t far behind. And while Trump hogged the spotlight by making the G7 summit (as described by Angela Merkel) a depressing affair, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau got way more attention for an odd reason.

After the G7 summit, Justin Trudeau attended a press conference. And while there was nothing wrong with his speech, a video showed that there was something off about his eyebrows.

The latest edition of the G7 summit was held in Quebec, Canada. And since Justin Trudeau was the host, it was his duty to summarize the whole ordeal. However, the only thing that stood out was Trudeau’s eyebrow, which looked to be falling off his face.

We’ve definitely heard about wardrobe malfunctions in fashion shows. However, this was the first time that we’re witnessing an eyebrow malfunction. And while some thought that the video was Photo-shopped, it was confirmed to be real.

Watch the video here:

Considering the tension between Trump and Trudeau, Tweeple began joking that the falling eyebrow was the aftereffect of meeting Trump.

1. How’s this funny? Funny how?

2. Donald Trump has superpowers now.

3. Mr. Trump, would you give it back if we say please?

4. Goddamit Twitter!

5. Not many, I guess.

6. Same here.

7. Well, that’s true.

Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow had caused quite the controversy and had people talking about conspiracy theories. However, the debate was soon settled with proper evidence.

“While a fake eyebrow scandal would rule, the photographic record shows Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow grows thicker on the bottom along the supraorbital ridge. A streak of thinner hair parts upward closer to the glabella. This is why it can look like a fake eyebrow is falling off.”

There you go. Now everyone can sleep in peace. Or can they? Because Justin Trudeau’s office hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the veracity of this clarification.

This is truly a bizarre time to be alive because an eyebrow can cause such fierce debates and send the internet into a meltdown. However, since it’s entertaining for the rest of us, I would be the last one to complain when the next outrageous topic comes up on social media.