This Melodious Fusion Of ‘Jiyein Kyun-Meherbaani-Iktara-Kun Faya’ Is Pure BLISS!

There are songs and then there are pieces that you play in a loop, in the shower, while driving and the list goes on…Works of pure magic that transcends you into a parallel universe, where you’re allowed to talk to yourself and introspect. Melodies that make you hear murmurs, that you ignore otherwise and symphonies that grow like creepers.

And what time ain’t a good time to do any of the above? In a beautiful fusion, DEEN PRODUCTIONS has uploaded a cover that threads the tunes of ‘Jiyein Kyun’, ‘Meherbaani’, ‘Iktara’, ‘Kun Faya Kun’ (that’s right, all our favourites) and my soul has never been so content! Raghav Chaitanya, in collaboration with Twin Strings, and his harmonious voice are weaving magic and words fall short. Not to forget the beaming faces of the audience- a wonderful bunch of kids. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen!