20 Hilarious Tweets Which Prove That Kids Have The Best Sense Of Humour EVER!

Kids are the most innocent people. They would say the sweetest things, sometimes the meanest things but get away with all of it due to all the cuteness! Sure, they are a pain in the ass sometimes, but there is no one else who will give you such pure joy and peace. Their wise, innocent talk, wipes away all your tiredness and you just want to keep listening to them!

We have some hilarious tweets about children and they are sure to tickle your funnybone!

1. The kid breaks free, finally!


2. When you say yes, blindly!


3. Deny me food, and I will stare you to death!


4. Subtly telling his dad that his time is up!


5. How cute does pink dog nails look?


6. Elsa be the best, ALWAYS!


7. Will keep you guessing!


8. Awwww. How innocent is that!


9. Well, kids are scary sometimes


10. Such a clever child, venting his anger in a non-violent way!


11. The mean girl


12. Funny little devil


13. Such confidence


14. Finally, a smart next generation


15. What they see is what they do!


16. In too much hurry to grow up!


17. These are the curious ones


18. Praying to Santa to ease pooping, what a prayer!


19. Because this little guy doesn’t share food and he has made it quite clear


20. An ode on french fries!

I am sure their parents are having one hell of a time raising them!

H/T: Bored Panda