Abhay Deol Lauds Commentator’s Comical Take On A Footballer Getting Hit In The Groin

We all love watching our favourite sports team killing it on the playground. The adrenaline rush and the nail-biting moment is what keeps every sports enthusiast on their toes. In fact, we often feel as though we’re on the field giving the competing team a run for their money. That being said, what makes the match even more exciting is the background commentary. Like this one that left us ROFL.

In the dubbed version of the video went viral in just a jiffy, it features the commentary of a man explaining how a footballer ends up hurting himself as he collides painfully with a goalpost in the funniest way possible. Even the ZNMD guy, Abhay Deol couldn’t resist sharing the hilarious commentary and wanted to give this commentator an Oscar and rightly so.

If you are wondering who the player in the video is, it’s reportedly defender Ashutosh Mehta caught in an ‘ouch’ moment during an Indian Super League game between Goa and Pune FC.

People were also in splits after they heard the comical commentary explaining how the player failed to save the ‘ball’ during the match.


The incident took place on October 2018. Here’s the video with the original commentary, though I must say I prefer the refreshing take of the desi commentator. Don’t you?

Oh-my-God. This is the best commentary I have heard in a while. Cricket matches would have been more fun only if Indian sports commentators were this entertaining. LMAO!