Fuel Hike Is Set To Burn A Hole In Pockets & Twitter’s Blowing The Steam With Hilarious Jokes

There was an idea, to form a Government that’ll reverse the corruption that the country had to face the brunt of. People came out in droves and voted for a change. Four years and a fuel price hike later, things are looking quite the opposite.

In the last few years, the common man has been slapped with taxes. They’ve been told to stand in ATM lines during the epic demonetisation process. And now they’re being forced to pay over ₹ 80/litre for petrol.

So, the desi junta lost its cool and outraged on social media in hilarious ways.

Here are some of the best reactions:

1. That’ll be uniquely damaging for us.

2. Saho, saho. Khub saho.

3. Petrol-hike-asana.

4. It looks like Smriti Ji is inspired by Modi Ji.

5. That’s one way of thinking.

6. Genius!

7. Chalo, Putin Ji se milke aate hai.

8. Transformation Tuesday.

9. Wah wah! Wah wah!

10. All the best with that.

11. Priorities, priorities.

12. Seeing the brighter side of things is a gift.

13. Such dedication, much wow.

14. He can look into the future?!

There is no harm in laughing at these funny reactions. However, once we’re done laughing, we must look at the repercussions of this Government’s decisions. We should shut down all those dated “where were you when…” arguments and tackle the problems as they’re occurring right now.