Tripura: 2 Frogs Married By Tea Workers To Please Rain God, Made To Dress & Apply Sindoor

Mandooka Parinaya is a Hindu ritual whereby two frogs are wedded to appease the rain god Indra to stop/cause rainfall. It is widely performed across several states, from Karnataka to Assam.

In a recent incident, two frogs were married off by tea workers in Tripura to please the rain god. The ceremony in Tripura is popularly known as ‘Banger Biye’ (frog wedding). According to News18, the two frogs were dressed in fancy clothes, were made to take a dip in the water, exchange garlands and tie the knot.

In a video capturing the incident, one frog was made to put sindoor on the other’s forehead.

Have a look:

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As the video went viral, it grabbed many eyeballs. Here’s how people online reacted to the video:

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