People Speak Of Drifting Apart From Childhood Friends & How They Dealt With It

Losing a friend feels like losing a part of yourself. People have often talked about how ‘best-friend breakups’ are worse than romantic breakups and how some of them have even been excluded entirely from the friend circles. Ouch!

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But what do you do once you’ve lost them? How do you cope with it? A Redditor invited people to share their experiences of getting over their friendship breakups.

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And people shelled out some advice from their own personal experiences:

1. It’s a part of life, it happens.

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2. Time would hopefully heal everything.

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3. Try connecting with new people online. Gamers would agree!

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4. Don’t keep blaming yourself that they drifted away.

5. Maybe ask your friend directly about what happened to get some closure.

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6. Know that you will be fine.

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How have you dealt with losing a friend? Tell us.

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