13 Things You Face When You’re Friends With An Over-thinker


I think that being an over-thinker should be a superpower. I mean, having the ability to break down and analyze the smallest thing from scratch in a matter of minutes is commendable as hell! We all know one, and it’s not difficult to spot them either- they’re the ones who have 😯 as an expression on their face at least once in a day. You know, because their minds are constantly wondering what their hairdresser meant when they said something in 2012, or if their dog secretly hates them.

Here are the things you face, being friends with species called, the over-thinkers.

1. They never, ever stop thinking about a particular situation or incident

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And mostly, they’re thinking about how they could have made it better on their part.


2. They’ll always be under the impression that someone is mad at them if they’ve had an argument with them

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Even if they’re not. At all.


3. And as a result of that, they apologize all the time

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Okay then.


4. You have been with them through their sessions of over-analyzing the smallest of things

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And more often than not, you’re marveling at their ability to reach the stupidest of conclusions.


5. Their over-thinking abilities multiply ten-fold when they have a crush on someone

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And you have to be at the receiving end of their thoughts, because, friendship and all.


6. You’ll find them proof-reading a status at least 10 times before putting it up

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Just hit the ‘post’ button already.


7. And God forbid someone post something negative on it; they’ll tear their hair out

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No, they don’t hate you. Chill.


8. They’ll always have an issue regarding their relationship, and they’ll ask for your help to fix it

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And you’re like 😕


 9. If you leave them hanging with some secret, they are likely to lose their mind over it

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It’s an evil thing you do, but it’s so much fun to watch them freak out over it. 😀


10. You’ve probably asked them to shut up and not over-think everything so much

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“Dude, you need to chill.”


11. You secretly even worry about them, because you know how much their over-thinking makes them suffer

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Sigh. Their brains need a little rest.


12. But, this quirk of theirs makes you like them too, because they’re the innocent one among your friends

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And you get to baby them (and yell at them) all the time.


13. And you know that despite this habit, they can take care of themselves when necessary

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Their brains might have too many tabs open, but they’re also really tough. And that’s what counts.

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