14 Things You Face When You’re Friends With A Shopaholic

If you spend almost all your free time going from store to store with a friend who seems to never have enough clothes in their already stuffed wardrobe, it’s safe to say that you’re friends with a shopaholic. And you would relate to the following:

1. You dread the days when they take you out to shop

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Be prepared for hours and hours of retail therapy.


2. Even window shopping for them turns into a full blown shopping session

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3. Their  favourite way to pass time is-you guessed it right-shopping

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No surprises there.


4. They take ages to choose clothes

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They’ll try all colours of all sizes of that one outfit they might or might not even buy. FUN.


5. You often hear them use the statement, “I have nothing to wear”

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Really? REALLY? I was with you when you bought those 32 pairs of jeans. I was there.


6. You cannot possibly go to a mall to just hang out

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Because they are most likely to get into a store and go nuts.


7. Even shopping for accessories takes them really long

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Forget clothes-even stuff like laptop bags, phone covers, blankets, pillows, etc take them ages to choose from.


8. You’re used to them picking out stuff for you and saying, “yeh tujhpe accha lagega. Buy it!”

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Even though you’re probably not interested.


9. And you’ve lectured them a million times about how they need to stop splurging so much

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Hoping they’d understand it someday.


10.But, because of them, you know clever ways to save money on clothes and other things

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They’ll tell you about all the sales coming up, about coupons and loyalty points, and how to use them to your benefit.


11. You know all the different kinds of clothes different brands carry

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And thanks to them, you know all about YOUR favourite brands too.


12. They’re complete pros at bargaining, and they help you get better at it

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Just sit back, and watch them haggle like a boss.


13. You love how they pick out the best clothes, despite being overly choosy

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And their choice of clothes is amazing. They’re the gurus of good dressing.


14. And finally, they always help you look your best

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They’re the best advisers on what looks good on you, and what doesn’t work. They know the A-Z of fashion, and they’re bound to leave you looking fabulous.
As your friend would rightly believe: “When I shop, the world gets better. And then it’s not anymore. So I do it again.”

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