Man Wins ₹165 Cr Lottery & Splits The Prize With Bestie Because They Made A Pact 20 Years Ago


‘Bro, aaj bill tu bhar na,’ is a staple statement my friends use every time we go out. However, in a time where my friends refuse to even split our restro bills, I stumbled upon 2 friends who split their multimillion-dollar lottery winnings. And surprisingly, that’s not the most astonishing part. Wait till you hear why they did so.

Tom Cook and Joe Feeney, from the US, had agreed to split their future lottery winnings almost 20 years ago, reports the Guardian. Yes, you read that right. The besties honored a handshake that they reportedly made back in 1992 when the lottery game was first offered in Wisconsin. Last month, when Cook discovered he had won a $22 million (Rs. 165 crores approx.) lottery, he didn’t hesitate for a minute and immediately called his friend Joe.

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Wait, what??! Cook was quoted saying, “A handshake is a handshake, man.” In fact, when he called Joe about the winning prize, his friend was shocked. The duo laughed over the age-old pact as Joe said “Are you jerking my bobber?” when he heard about the news. Looking back at their agreement Joe said he never really thought it would happen.

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The Lottery authorities confirmed that Cook and Joe will split the prize. They have decided to take a cash payout of $16.7 million(Rs. 127 crores approx.), and each will get about $5.7 million (Rs. 44 crores approx.) after taxes, the Wisconsin Lottery officials said. However, the duo doesn’t have any particularly extravagant plans for spending the money. They have decided to spend more time with family and travel stress-free.

Uff, if my friend finds a 10 Rs note on the road, he won’t even split that with me. Kaha milte hai aise dost? 😛

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