10 Perks Of Having Friends From Different Parts Of The World


Due to globalization, educational opportunities and of course internet, the world has come closer. People now have a better idea about the world outside their routine boundaries. Religion, caste, language, physical appearances etc., are no more a barrier between people from different parts of the world. The idea of knowing and being friends with people from different backgrounds, culture, and upbringing is no more alien.

It is easier to make friends with people from different parts of the world and there are many perks attached to it.

The perks.

1. You have a lot to share and a lot to listen to from your friends living across the globe. This has given you a way to look at things from a whole new perspective

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It is not okay for you to stereotype anymore. You realize how people from different religions and countries are. They are nothing like what you read in books or saw in films, they are a lot more than that.


2. Festivals are not just limited to ‘Indian festivals’ anymore. You now have a reason and an opportunity to celebrate a lot more international festivals with the same enthusiasm

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You now understand the significance and importance of celebrating all those festivals that people celebrate worldwide. Another upside is you have more reasons to take offs and enjoy with family and friends.


3. Food. All kinds of food. A lot of food

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You get to experiment and taste variety of foods. You either find similarities with their cuisines or come across something new.


4. You are familiar with basic words from different languages and you get to teach them your language. It’s funny to hear the way they pronounce words

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Also, it’s fun and cool to flaunt your linguistic skills in front of your local friends. 😉


5. It’s amazing to see the kind of effect geographic and climatic conditions can have over people. This helped you to appreciate what you have and feel good about the way things are

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It made you think twice before cribbing about the climatic and weather conditions in your city.


6. They taught you about their fashion and you taught them about your country’s fashion. It’s a stylish give and take friendship

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It is great to experiment with fashion every now and then.


7. Every time you get news about other countries and things that are happening there, you instantly think about your friends living there. It feels great to know that you have an extended family living all around the globe

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Till now it was only about you and life around you. Home, family, relatives, and your close friends. Now you’re constantly reminded of how big the world is by your friends living in different parts of the world.


8. You get absolutely comfortable with the idea of inter-caste/religion marriages

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You see no problem in that because you figure it is about how good the person is and not about which part of the state or country they come from.


9. You understand people and the world better. Your views are not biased anymore, you’re open minded and you’ve learned to accept things gracefully

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Having friends from different parts of the world helped you to understand people and their views better.


10. Everything that happens in the world now concerns you and you absorb the best of everything

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You eliminate the things that are not convincing to you and adopt what’s best for you.

Right from the missing Malaysian airline, war in Syria, gruesome act of killing school kids in Pak, shooting at school in Kenya, Obama winning the elections twice to Modi Sarkar coming into the picture. The world was one in times of crises and celebration.

You shouldn’t think twice before becoming friends with people from different parts of your country or the world. It will only help you to broaden your perspective about the world, learn something new every day, and grow as a person.

In diversity lies beauty and strength.

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