Quiz: Only Die-Hard ‘FRIENDS’ Fans Can Identify Which Characters Said These Dialogues

Chandler’s sarcastic comments, Joey’s love for food, Rachel’s killer fashion sense, Monica’s cleaning obsession, Ross’ divorces, and Phoebe’s quirkiness is something which has stayed with all ‘Friends’ fans, even 16 years after the show ended! So if you’re someone who prefers watching ‘Friends’ than actually hanging out with real-life friends, you’ll be able to identify which character said the following dialogues!

1. This scene was quite unexpected!

2. This would make a great tongue-twister.

3. C'mon! You know this one!

4. Honestly, I would ask the same question too.

5. What an injustice!

6. Remember how freaked out the flight passengers were?

7. Classic advice.

8. This should be on a t-shirt.

9. R.E.L.A.T.A.B.L.E.

10. *grabs tissues*

11. Who could have said this?

12. Friendship goals...not!

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