11 Perks Of Being Friends With Someone Who Loves To Cook

One of the most awesome hobbies anyone could have is to cook. And even if it’s something you don’t have, it’s awesome to have a close friend who does. After all, the way to a man’s anyone’s heart is through their stomach. And people who love to cook have the easiest access to anyone’s heart. 🙂

Following are the things you face when you have a friend who absolutely loves to cook.

1. Your get-togethers consist of your friend trying new dishes and make you eat them

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And there is no scope for complaining. 😀


2. They are always trying out new recipes and asking you to be their guinea pigs for tasting

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And more often than not, they’re awesome, so you get to eat yummy food.


3. They pretty much know all kinds of food festivals happening around the city

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They’ll always ask you to come with them. That makes for a wonderful weekend activity!


4. You can literally never run out of things to eat when you’re in their house

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Their fridge is stacked. 😀


5. They will always know where the best restaurants are, no matter what the budget

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So you’re always trying out something new.


6. No matter what the rest of their home looks like, their kitchen will be spick and span

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Well, obviously.


7. You can trust them to make something with the least number of ingredients

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They’re cool like that. 😀


8. When they’re angry or sad, you know where to find them venting their frustration out

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That’s right. The kitchen. It’s their place for soul searching.


9. Giving them cookbooks of different kinds would make an ideal present

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They would actually use it, and use it well. 🙂


10. You will always find them complimenting and chatting away with chefs at restaurants after a good meal

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And you really admire that.


11. The best thing of all, though, is how much care they take when they’re in the kitchen

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They’re so passionate about food and cooking, that you’re filled with awe looking at them doing even the smallest things with perfection.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. And who better than your cook  friend to have access to it? 🙂

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