13 Things You Face When You’re Friends With Someone Who Laughs A Lot

They’re often known as the clowns of the class, laughing away to glory even in the most serious of situations. When the class is quiet and you hear someone giggle, you can blindly tell that it’s them. And if you’re friends with this person, it is beyond you to understand how they can gather the energy to put a humorous twist to literally everything there is.

Following are the things you face when you know someone who is perpetually laughing.

1. You’re stumped at the way they find humor in anything and everything

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2. Their sense of humor is beyond your understanding

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You don’t know why they find certain things funny, but they do.


3. More often than not, you’re laughing at their ridiculous laugh more than the joke itself

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4. They’re known to laugh at inappropriate times

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Especially in places like a library, where silence is to be maintained.


5. Due to their constant giggling and laughing, both of you used to get caught in class

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And obviously, you’d get punished for it.


6. They can never complete a joke because they start laughing even before the punchline

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And you go “whaaaaaat?” because you’re trying to figure out what they said, and why they’re laughing so much.


7. They always have a pet peeve that makes them laugh every single time, without fail

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They’ll laugh uncontrollably when someone falls down, even though they don’t want to.


8. You always try to distract them because that’s how you get them in trouble

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Giving an important presentation in class? Time to make them laugh. *evil grin*


9. You cannot take them to places that require them to be silent

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Libraries, funerals, be what may. Silence makes them laugh even more.


 10. You can make them laugh with the most random things, because they’re easily amused

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*doing the silly dance*


11. Even though they’re happy-go-lucky for the most, you can tell by their face when they’re sad

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The glow just isn’t there anymore.


12. And sometimes, because they’re constantly amused, people think that they’re not taking anything seriously

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Whereas, they’re just trying to put a fun twist to things.


13. But, at the end of the day, it is their infectious energy that makes everyone in the room a little happier

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And their amusing outlook on everything makes dull days a lot brighter. 🙂

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