French Tourist With A Muslim-Sounding Name Talks About Facing Prejudice In India

Amongst the many foreigners who come to India to witness the cultural marvel that is our country, many go back with experiences that can be called bitter. In the past, a YouTuber from New Zealand who donated plasma to Indians during the pandemic faced racist behavior from locals at Chandni Chowk.

Speaking of which, a French tourist who visited India a while back spoke about facing hostility from Indians because they had a Muslim-sounding name.

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While they spoke highly of the country, its culture and people, they alleged that their name caused “some people’s angriness” because of “assumptions made over it”.

While they aren’t Muslim, they are French-born with Lebanese origins with an Arabic name. Also, they are Catholic.

Here’s what they wrote:

Hello everyone,

I’m French who recently came back from visiting India and I’m literally in love with this country in every way possible. I love the “chaosly-orderly” character, the culture and food, the people’s kindness…everything…just everything…

The only thing that I didn’t appreciate is the lacking of love in some people’s mind.

I’m French-born but my origins are Lebanese. I’m Catholic tho, not Muslim but my name is soundly Arabic. So, It’s often assumed to be a “Muslim name” when It’s just Christian-Arabic (yes yes Arab Christians exists, mostly in Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq) .

My name caused some people’s angriness in India, because of assumptions made over it. I was confused.

But don’t get me wrong ! It didn’t ruin my trip at all and I was happy every second for being there. I’m just sad for India.

So please please keep your country safe, be kind to each other and remember religion shouldn’t be put above our Human nature in loving each other.

Peace and Love to all my Indians brothers and sisters. (sic)

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They took to Reddit to share their ordeal.

Dear Indians, your country is wonderful but please fill it with Love as much as possible… from india

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They further revealed that they faced this kind of behavior from random people when they inquired about hotels and taxi services. On the other hand, they claimed that the police in India is the “nicest security force” in the world.

People online felt sorry for the tourist and did agree that we have a lot to work on when it comes to treating all people with kindness and respect.

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What are your views on this incident?

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