This French Play Demands That The Audience Strip To Watch It!

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The city of eternal love is known for liberal thought, the Eiffel Tower and of course- nude beaches. However, an increasingly growing number of denizens are now embracing the French naturist movement (think nudist) in Paris. A new one-night-only play is taking the city by storm. This particular play demands that theatergoers strip nude to watch it!

The play revolves around a brother and sister who find themselves on opposing sides of prickly social issues. However, this is far from the most curious thing about the play.

Apparently, the artists playing squabbling siblings shall drop their masks and bare all to find a more relaxed common ground. So the theatre authorities maintain that you must strip to watch them!

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Titled “Nu et approuve”, it loosely translates to ‘nude and approved’. It is a play on words of a formula commonly used in the country for signing official documents. The theatre’s management insists that the audience must strip. Moreover, they request that you bring your own towel. There’s a scurry for the VIP seats because they shall be provided with their own microfibre seat covering.

We’re particularly curious to witness the impending success of the play because of Parisien diners’ recent inability to embrace eating nude. Indeed, O’naturel- France’s first nude restaurant is set to close it’s doors soon.

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According to National Post, the eatery boasted minimal decor and upmarket French bistro cuisine. You could savor foie gras, lobster and snails with parsley cream sauce — priced at 49 euros i.e Rs. 3,983 for a three-course dinner.

Customers could only dine by reservation and were asked to leave their clothes, phones and cameras in the restaurant’s cloakroom. Men were given slippers to wear while women could opt to wear their own heels.

Seems exciting eh?

Picture black seat covers adorning the chairs (to be changed between sittings) and a large white curtain hung over the windows (blocking street views into the restaurant). Even so, the French capital’s nudist restaurant shall shut down next month. The owners confessed to poor response, citing an inability to put enough bums on the seats.

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However, the rising tide of nudism in the country has been backed by French naturists groups. The groups seek to promote their lifestyle further with nude stand-up comedy nights and even naked museum visits. Furthermore, Paris now has clothing-optional hours at a public pool and a nudist zone in the city’s largest public park reports NP.

If you’re game for baring it all, then you might want to watch the show that will play at the Palais des Glaces on January 20. It is to be the first nudist drama ever to play at a major Parisian venue!

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