This Actress Was Stalked. She Fought Back By Opening A Kung Fu Class For Girls At Mumbai Beach.

As any girl, I’ve always been taught to pay heed to stalkers and stand up for myself instead of being a silent sufferer. Isn’t it good if we prepare ourselves for the danger that lies ahead?

An Indian actress, Ishita Sharma who is known for her role in Dil Dosti Etc as ‘Kintu’, has transformed the Versova beach in Mumbai into a Kung Fu class for the lesser privileged girls.

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Ishita Sharma, who did a commendable job in Dil Dosti Etc, has turned her attention to Kung Fu classes for teaching the little girls self-defence.


And this move was born after she went through a horrifying experience of being stared and stalked by a group of boys.

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She shared her sentiments by narrating her story:


I was driving in Shastri Nagar, Andheri, at 10.30 pm one night when I spotted a bunch of boys following me on bikes. Slowing down and speeding up, and staring didn’t help.

It was finally when I rolled down the window and shouted that they scooted. I learned that we need courage, to stand up and make some noise!


This little life incident affected her and made her think about women’s safety. Eventually, she inaugurated a self-defense class with the help of her coach – Alex Fernandes and that too for FREE.

Here are some images of the classes:

Mar 6


The initiative was noble, but couldn’t garner the required attention initially.

1. The duo had to ask around municipal schools and urge them to attend the self-defense class.

2. The importance of these classes was shared with the parents. Sadly, no one turned up for their first class.

3. Eventually, kids from the slum noticed and were asked to join the class. They agreed willingly.

That’s so incredible, right?

Kudos to you, Ishita Sharma! 🙂

News Source: AAMAD 

Image Source: Facebook

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