Youngsters Protest With Free Hugs In Kolkata After A Couple Was Thrashed By Mob For Hugging

Moral policing has steadily taken over India and has become more popular than actual policing. However, as the mentality of India’s moral police is made up of regressive ideals, the results are usually violent and devoid of morality. And since nobody has stepped up to put a stop to this, Kolkata bore the brunt of it.

Reportedly, on Monday, a young couple was cornered and brutally beaten by a bunch of old men for hugging in the Kolkata Metro.

The incident took place when a young couple hugged each other in the Kolkata Metro, causing a group of old men to get very offended. They initially protested vocally and once the train stopped, they took the couple out and flogged the girl and the boy. Thankfully, they were saved from these upholders of “morality” by some youngsters and taken to safety.

This attack led to a massive outrage across the city, causing Kolkata Metro to condemn the actions. However, as the authorities weren’t able to take any affirmative action, a new form of protest began to take shape.

NDTV reported that young citizens from all around Kolkata have gathered around Tollygunge Metro to offer free hugs. Their main agenda was to show that hugging is an expression of love, something the world is in dire need of, and doesn’t qualify as an obscene act.

In addition to that, protesters also spread their message by singing songs about love and unity.

Considering how positivity is always reciprocated with positivity, many passengers appreciated this act by the youngsters of Kolkata. One such individual said,

 “I am here because I strongly believe in love. Seeing others support and promote love is giving me strength. This is the Kolkata I grew up and want to live in. If I meet those attackers, I will give them a heartfelt hug and tell them not to be so angry.”

The contrast between young and old India has been clearly portrayed by this entire incident. One is accepting of love and the other wants to condemn it for no reason at all. However, since violence begets violence, maybe this is the process to bring about change. With a hug and a chill pill.