Someone Asked Mumbaikars What They Think Of A 4-Day Work Week, They Say ‘We Work On Weekends’

Back in 2020, New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern was hailed by many for suggesting a four-day working week to help employees have a work-life balance. A lot of people thought this was a brilliant idea and immediately wanted to move to the country.

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Since many other countries have hinted at following suit, India might also consider going this route and adopting a four-day work schedule. But what do people around think of this suggestion?

Well, like us, a Reddit user was also curious to know the opinions on it. Hence, the user directly posed a question:

What do you guys think about the 4 day work week schedule. from mumbai

And since everything has its pros and cons, the comments section was flooded with mixed reactions. Take a look:

Extended working hours?

Won’t work!

Seems like a dream to those who work even on Saturdays.

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‘It’s refreshing’, said those who already work 4-days a week for foreign companies.

This discussion highlighted that a lot of us also work on weekends. I mean, this is work-culture toxicity ULTRA, PRO MAX. Don’t employees have a life?

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