Neil Nitin Mukesh Shares An Alarming Video Of 4 Cats Fighting A Venomous Cobra!

Cat and mice chasing each other are a common sight. In fact you may even have witnessed a couple of angry bulls locking horns with each other on the street. But a video, shared by Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh is quite alarming for it involves four felines and a reptile. The actor mentioned that the video was shot when he arrived for the shoot of his upcoming film, Bypass Road.

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The video shows a snake surrounded by a group of four cats. As the reptile tries to escape the cats are seen circling it. One of the cats also swipes at the snake as it tried to move away. While sharing the video on his Instagram, Neil wrote, “Earlier in the day. Went for the BGM for #BypassRoad, got down of the car and saw this.’

Someone in the comment section suggested informing snake catchers so that they can rescue the snake to which Neil affirmed that he had informed the wildlife rescue team. Some have also identified the snake as mini cobra in the comments.

We hope that the wildlife rescue team saved the terrified snake and set him free in a safer area. Moral of the story- don’t mess with cats. An adorable clowder of cats can be quite savage!

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