Nancy Tyagi’s Cannes Debut Was So Phenomenal That Even Foreigners Are Hyping Her Up

If there was any Indian personality who created an iconic moment in terms of fashion at the 77th Cannes Film Festival red carpet, it was Nancy Tyagi. A fashion content creator hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Baranwa, Tyagi bedazzled everyone with an outfit she stitched herself with material she locally sourced. Her talent, hard work and sheer passion for the fashion world has the country rooting for her.


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However, not just Indians. Even foreigners are lauding and hyping her up on social media after they saw pictures of her on the red carpet and got to know that she made her outfits herself.

For example, a fashion content creator named Marissa Spagnoli made a full-fledged video talking about how blown away she was by Nancy Tyagi. The video now has over a million views.

After introducing to Tyagi to her audience and talking all about her, she hoped that she would get invited to the Met Gala next year because she totally deserves it!

“Still not over Nancy Tyagi making and styling her own Cannes film festival dresses,” she wrote on Instagram.

Have a look at Spagnoli’s video here:


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Nancy is on her way to achieving greater things!

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