Foreign Media Slams Ambanis For ‘Offensive, Bad-Mannered’ Cruise Party, Italians Outraged

Since March, the Ambanis have been hosting a series of extravagant parties, starting in Jamnagar and recently continuing with a lavish cruise from Italy to the south of France. This pre-wedding celebration for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant featured international pop stars like Katy Perry and the Backstreet Boys performing for about 300 VIP guests. However, things have taken a sour turn.

In the Italian cities of Portofino and Genoa, residents and businesses were outraged at the Ambanis as the cities were effectively shut down, and the peace was disrupted by rowdy guests from the cruise. The exclusive event in Portofino blocked access to the bay, frustrating residents and tourists who were unable to visit the area.

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According to a report by The Independent, Andrea Miroli, the manager of the renowned restaurant Il Puny (frequented by celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Elton John) expressed his anger. He revealed that they were asked to prepare lobster sandwiches and were only given 20 days’ notice.

“We were offered €10,000 (Rs 9.08 lakh approx) just 20 days before the event. I find this offensive, bad-mannered, and incorrect. I have my customers and an illustrious history to protect.,” Miroli told The Times.

Local businesses, which usually benefit from such high-profile events, found no reason to celebrate.

A local tour guide said, “As a local tour guide in Portofino, it is disheartening to see our city closed for a private event. Our livelihood depends on tourism, and this weekend was a huge setback.”

The situation was worse in Genoa, where the cruise ship arrived early on Sunday, June 2, with loud music blaring from its speakers. Residents reported the noise to the local police, who did not respond, despite complaints starting at 4:30 AM.

A local complained, “The behaviour of the organisers was absurd. They kept half of Genoa awake with the high, unjustified volume for most of the night before it stopped at dawn. What’s worse is the coast guard did nothing, despite being called at 4.30 AM.”

A picture of a short newspaper column about the cruise party went viral on social media and it’s such a shame for Indians to read. People online have been expressing their embarrassment over the coverage and slamming the Ambanis and their guests for creating such a nuisance.

Truly, such disappointing behavior!

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