Can You Identify These Foreign Celebrities Who Played Holi In Full Swing In This Quiz?

The festival of colours is finally here to paint our hearts (and clothes) into a rainbow! The gulaal and pichkaris are out while our grandmoms are probably frying tasty gujiyas. Although Holi is quintessentially an Indian festival, several people coming from foreign lands don’t miss an opportunity to play with colours and celebrate.

In the past, many foreign celebrities have also played Holi and posted pictures of themselves drenched in colours. So, here’s a Holi special quiz for you! Guess the names of these foreign celebrities who played Holi in full swing:

1. Priyanka Chopra painted this talk show host's face with gulaal. Who is he?

2. Popularly known as 'Superwoman', she is a true desi at heart.

3. India's 'National Jiju'!

4. This American singer came to India in 2018 to celebrate Holi with Bollywood celebrities. Who is he?

5. You may know this chef from Masterchef Australia.

6. Seems like 'Thanos' really enjoys Holi! What's the actor's name?

7. In 2019, this DJ came to Mumbai to make sure people had a good time on Holi.

8. She is an Indian-born American author, activist, actress, model, philanthropist, and television host.

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