These Super Cool Women Manage Asia’s 1st All Women Food Truck In Bengaluru And Its Impressive!

Food trucks.

They’re mushrooming in almost every major city in India. Food trucks are novel and smart business ventures which take the kitchen to the masses rather than the other way around.

This food truck in Bangalore, 7th Sin has something special about it besides its food. It’s run entirely by a band of seven women. This is the first food truck in Asia to be organized with no man in sight.

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The primary location of the food truck is Bagmane Tech Park and there are absolutely no men on the board. They serve glocal cuisine i.e, it’s global food with an Indian twist.


Guess how the name come about? The head of the team, Archana Singh, named this venture of theirs by the 7th sin in Christianity – Gluttony.

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That’s not all! On the seventh day of their fully operational week, they distribute free food at all places of worship.

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Their menu changes daily and they are planning to branch out pretty soon to Hyderabad and Chennai.

Planning my next trip to Bangalore.

Source : India Today

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