Woman Finds Out Her Husband Is Cheating On Her After Reading A Restaurant Review


The truth always comes out, one way or another. In the past, cheating partners have been exposed in the most unexpected ways including food delivery agents and Pokémon Go! A female cab driver found out that her boyfriend was having an affair after the ‘other woman’ became her passenger and asked her to drive to his apartment.

And now, a wife whose identity is unknown has claimed she saw her husband dine with another lady in a photo of a restaurant review! According to The Sun, the incident came to light during food critic Tom Sietsema’s weekly live chat ‘Ask Tom’.

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The wife revealed, “Well Tom your latest review is accompanied by a picture of my husband dining with a woman who isn’t me! Once confronted with photographic evidence, he confessed to having an ongoing affair. Just thought you’d be amused to hear of your part in the drama. This Thanksgiving I’m grateful to you for exposing a cheat!”


Mail Online quoted the reviewer replying,

“Please, please, please tell me this is a crank post. I’d hate to learn otherwise. I file two reviews a week, for Food and the Magazine, so I’m not sure which restaurant this is.”

Some people are calling it justice while others are poking fun at the bizarre turn of events that might as well be the plot of a movie.


The moral of the story is don’t cheat on your spouse, they’ll eventually find out.

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