Food Delivery Guy Asks Customer If She Wants ‘Ganja’ With Her Order, Chat Goes Viral

In a rather unconventional turn of events, a food delivery executive in India took the concept of “extra toppings” to a whole new level. While on his way to deliver the order, he messaged the customer asking if she wanted something else to go with the order. And no, we aren’t talking about extra fries or cold drinks!

Sakshi Jain, a content strategist, took to social media to share the messages her friend received from the delivery executive. He asked her friend if she wanted “secret ganja” along with her order. Seems like the dude has a side hustle!

“Kuch chahiye aap ko? Secret ganja etc,” his messages read.

Have a look at her post here:

Instead of reprimanding him, a lot of people online actually appreciated the guy for having a “big heart” and wanted the same delivery guy for themselves! 😛 Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

What a “high”-larious incident! 😛

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