Restaurant Bans Food Delivery Executives From Using Their Toilet, Sparks Debate Online

Recently, a mall in Udaipur banned food delivery executives from using the lift and asked them to use the stairs instead. It started a discussion online about how such practices are ‘discriminatory’ towards these people, making their lives harder than it already is.

In a similar incident, one restaurant named ‘Corner House Ice Creams’ put up a notice banning food delivery executives from using the washroom. Even though the exact location of the eatery wasn’t confirmed, a picture of the notice was shared on Reddit.

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Have a look at the post here:

Modern Day Feudalism – @violetreess from india

However, this incident left people online divided. Some argued how this was unfair to the delivery executives and that they shouldn’t be treated so poorly.

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On the other hand, some pointed out that it isn’t possible for private restaurants to allow innumerable delivery executives to visit the restroom meant for customers and that the government should work towards constructing more public toilets.

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What are your views regarding this incident? Tell us.

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