Twitter Has The Best ‘Floor’ Memes Collection And We’re Bursting Into Bouts Of Laughter!


Hello, peeps! We are back with another set of memes which the world of micro-bloggers has gifted us. And, we are rolling on the ‘floor’ and laughing out loud. Or are we? Oh, we are! They are so hilarious and so on point, that that’ll be your reaction too.

So, the game’s ‘Floor is lava’ and you have to immediately get off the floor. So, it’s an act one would basically not do. Or avoid doing. Our Twitterati added their touch to it and we are in no way exaggerating! Have a dekko!

1. Couldn’t be truer!


2. Damn! What did we do?


3. Holy Molly! Sad, but true!


4. Dear all, see this!


5. Uh-oh! Our lips are sealed.


6. That be TRUE! Umm? Huh? Eerrm!!


7. Well, well, well!


8. Nothing much to be added!


9. Kabhi toh guzaro kuch din India mein!


10. We should not do such buck-buck!


11. Sachin, Sachin! * clap clap clap *


12. Aww, mehn!


13. This is called Kat-iness!

These are so so so funny! Which one did you like the most? Let us know.

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