This New Movie Channel Promises A Premiere Every Week And We Are Leaping Forth With Excitement

If you’re an outright English movie buff, this is a great time to be alive! Some amazing movies are being made, phenomenal talent is being discovered, and your favourite movie franchises are telling epic stories like never before. And of course, you realise you’re alive at the same time as Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Can it get more awesome than this?

Oh believe me, it can. The home movie viewing experience has undergone dynamic changes in the last few years. But what if I told you that all your favourite movies are coming together in one place, and that place is your home TV screen? And I’m talking about new releases, the ones hitherto seen only on the big screens, now making way to your television!

So all you movie fanatics, satiate your love for English movies with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited’s (ZEEL) latest offering in the English movie genre, &flix!

The channel is a new movie destination that brings the gigantic and vivid world of English cinema to your home!

As disruptive in its genre as this new channel is, its launch had to be anything but ordinary. And to herald it, the channel found the most interesting and innovative way, involving a certain superhero!

I mean, who better than your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to do the honours, right? The channel leveraged a never seen before social media campaign in the category, Twitter Integrated Outdoor innovation, to unveil the logo of the channel!

And indeed, they came through! The tweets began pouring in, and as the numbers rose, so did their excitement. Because with every 300 tweets, new releases like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jumanji and Baby Driver were revealed to be on the line-up of this amazing new channel!

With 10,000 tweets, garnering 52 million impressions in just 24 hours, a billboard at Mumbai’s Babulnath junction announced the big reveal at 8 pm on May 26th! &flix was here and how!

With a spectacular lineup, &flix arrived on Indian TV screens on June 3rd at 1 pm with Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Now let me tell you something that’s going to make you leap forth with joy even more!

The four new blockbuster premieres are only the tip of the &flix iceberg, folks! One of the most awesome things about the channel is that it promises viewers one premiere every week!

&flix promises you a BAE! (Okay not THAT bae!) One hit premiere every Sunday at 1 pm on Flix First Premiere, Before Anyone Else (BAE)!

Spider-Man: Homecoming was just the first in a long list of exciting flicks to premiere on the channel! Brace yourselves for blockbusters like Jumanji, Blade Runner 2049, The Dark Tower, Emoji Movie, Life, Atomic Blonde and many, many more.

Why don’t you just see the epic lineup for yourself?

Besides these, &flix will showcase movies under unique properties like Best Flix Forever, Late Night Flix and FamJam Flix amongst others.

So cinephiles, are you thrilled or are you THRILLED? Are you excited to fall in love with your favourite English movies all over again, and experience new releases for the first time every week?

Go ahead and #LeapForth into the world of English movies with &flix! Set course for a journey beyond the ordinary and explore possibilities like never before!