People Slam Flipkart After Website Sells Tee Featuring Sushant’s Pic With Depression Quote

Bizarre things are found on online shopping websites if you dig a little. But this time, Flipkart is being called out online for its insensitivity after people found a particular t-shirt being sold by the website.

The white round-neck t-shirt has an artwork of Sushant Singh Rajput with a quote on depression printed on it that reads, “Depression is like Drowing.” The product is being sold for Rs 179 after discount by a seller named Pasito.

The actor died by suicide two years ago, an investigation surrounding which is still ongoing.

Several people slammed Flipkart for commercializing a deceased person’s struggle and called for a boycott of the online shopping website. Soon #BoycottFlipkart started to trend online, reported DNA.

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What are your views on this incident?

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