Here’s How You Can Turn April Fools’ Day Into No Kidding Day With Flipkart

April Fools’ Day is literally around the corner and I am petrified. Call it my lack of memory, but I ALWAYS get trolled by friends who think it’s funny to joke about serious things on this day. And if that isn’t enough, brands that claim to offer the ‘Biggest Sale’ turn out to be such a disappointment that it feels even they are trolling you.

There is NO ONE you can trust on this day. But this year, there’s one exception – Flipkart. For starters, they believe in ‘Jooth Bole Kauwa Kaate’, the age-old saying we’ve all been brought up with. So you can rest assured that they’re not lying about a REAL GOOD SALE!

This April the 1st, let’s turn April Fools’ Day into ‘No Kidding’ Day with Flipkart.

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Think it’s too good to be true? Well, I assure you it’s not and this is not just another one of April Fools’ pranks. Here’s a list of how Flipkart is turning this April Fools’ Day into a No Kidding Day. Have a dekko:

1. Reviews and ratings.

One thing you can rely on is fellow consumer reviews. On any product you wish to buy, you’ll have thousands of real users’ reviews to assure you whether the product is of good quality or a complete waste of money. So that’s in the clear then.

2. Flipkart Assured

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With Flipkart Assured, you can be assured that the quality of products is tried and tested by Flipkart. The product is made available to you only after meeting the required parameters. There’s no scope for receiving a cheap quality product this way.

3. Branded Products

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No kidding! If the product you’re looking at is a branded one, it will be an original branded product only. After all, jooth bole kauwa kaate, right?

4. Flipkart Smart Buy

Flipkart SmartBuy means products that promise best-in-class features, assured quality and prices you will love. You get the best value for your money and a superior experience. Every time.

Need more convincing? Check it out for yourself to believe that April Fools’ is actually No Kidding day on Flipkart:

Their series of new short ads are quite interesting and clutter-free. It’s simple, the crow will bite you if you lie. The concept inspired by the age-old adage, coupled with Flipkart’s Kidult narrative is just not something you can skip watching.

Well, so now you know how to turn this April Fools’ into No Kidding. C’mon now, join in for the happy dance! 🙂

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