Woman Says You Can Fly To Paris Or Tokyo From Delhi At The Same Price As Delhi To Bangalore

No matter how many reports claim that Bengaluru is the best city to live in India, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s also one of the most expensive cities. I mean, the cab fares for travelling from one place to the other within the city are sometimes close to airfares to another Indian city.

But, if you have to travel to another city, immediately the next day, chances are that a major portion of your salary might be exhausted to buy only the air tickets.

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Recently, Twitter user Harshita Passi took to Twitter and shared that the flight rates to fly to Paris, Milan, or Tokyo from Delhi are the same as it is to fly from Delhi to Bangalore if you are to travel the next day. The airfares ranged from Rs 24,000 to Rs 31,000 one way.

She also shared screengrabs of the ticket booking apps to testify her claims.

Take a look at her tweet:

It is as outrageous as it sounds. This is how people reacted to it:

Some even said that there have been days when they had gotten a cheaper deal than this one and that the cost of prices totally depends on the demand and the timing of the flight.

A lot of people suggested using Skyscanner while booking airline tickets for better deals.

Air tickets are super expensive for domestic flights and train takes a lot of time. A middle-class person cannot afford to pay such steep prices neither they can afford to waste so much time travelling by rail. This is so messed up.

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