Woman Shares Pics Of Toy She Ordered & How It Arrived, People Say ‘2020 Happened’


Online shopping is so much fun. Choosing a bunch of cute stuff, adding it to our carts, and then the excitement of opening the package which is like a gift to ourselves! Sometimes, it ends in disappointment though as the photo in the product listing doesn’t match the reality of what we receive.

Twitter user @Loeybug ordered a hamster stuffed toy and ended up getting a flat parcel of fluff, take a look. When she ‘freed’ the toy, thankfully it looked more like what she ordered.


Many people shared images of their own purchases which were shipped in a similar fashion and remarked how vacuum packaging was undertaken for logistical benefits. While others couldn’t help but crack pandemic jokes and how 2020 got the better of soft toys too.

Have you ever received a squished soft toy in the mail? On a scale of 1-10, how sad did it look?

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