Girlfriend Catches Cheating BF After Fitbit Showed Spikes In ‘Physical Activity’ At 4 am

We all feel happy and excited when we receive gifts from our special someone. It is indeed a beautiful feeling. But what happens when that gift becomes the reason for your break-up?

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Well, a girl was all pumped up when her thoughtful boyfriend bought her a Fitbit. According to The Sun, NFL correspondent Jane Slater revealed that her boyfriend had got the device for Christmas one year. The pair had linked up their Fitbits, and for a while, everything was good as they motivated each other to be on track with fitness.

But being able to monitor her partner’s every movement led to Jane’s dramatic break-up as the guy went AWOL one night. She spotted unusual physical activity on their synced Fitbit in the middle of the night and realized what was really happening, reports Mirror.

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And just in case you thought he was in a late-night gym session, Jane added: “Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in an Orange Theory class at 4 am.”

The break-up tale shared by Jane on the Twitter thread has now raised some interesting questions about the guy’s whereabouts. Have a look:

Previously, Ayana, a resident of Atlanta had also exposed her BF on a hilarious Twitter thread. In fact, Kayla Speer, who was in a long-distance relationship, had revealed on Twitter how a delivery guy had informed her about her cheating BF. Well, it seems Twitter is the ‘IT’ place for break-up reveals, isn’t it?

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