Video Shows First Wife Thrashing Husband At His Third Wedding In Karachi

Strangely, polygamy is still practiced in few communities around the world. In some countries, there are certain restrictions on it e.g. in Pakistan, a man can get married to another woman if his first wife gives him permission in writing. In fact, a wedding hall in Pakistan recently announced a 75% discount on a person’s third wedding if his first wife books it.
A woman from Karachi, Pakistan learned that her former husband has been tying the knot for the third time so she along with her family stormed the venue and created a ruckus, reports Times Now.
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The woman claimed that her former husband secretly got married to another woman in 2018 and was going to complete his third marriage now. She beat her ex-husband up in front of all the guests before the police intervened. Cops said that they have no solid reason or proof to detain the woman and asked both the parties to approach the family court to resolve the issue, reports Gulf News.

“She is my first wife. My relation with her has ended. It happened recently… a few days ago. I will send (a legal) notice, too, and my lawyer will speak to them as well,” the unnamed groom told local media.

The video of the entire brawl has gone viral on social media. Have a look:

We hope they reach out to the court to resolve their personal issues soon. In the meantime, we can only wonder what his second and third wife must be thinking.
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