First Tamil LGBTQ+ Song Showing Same-Sex Couple Story Gets Lauded By People Online

For years, we were taught that there were only two genders – male and female. We were told that everything outside the male-female, masculine-feminine dichotomy is abnormal. Adhering to the set behavioural rules of the masculine and feminine was the norm and those who didn’t fit into the set definition was regarded as the ‘other’ – a threat, a problem meant to be ‘fixed’.

In a world where LGBTQ+ media representation has been scanty, most of the people belonging to the community grew up with a sense of unbelonging. Which is why, when the very first Tamil LGBTQ+ song about a same-sex couple was dropped, people online lauded the move.

According to News18, the music video of the song ‘Magizhini – It’s not my fault’ was released by Saregama Tamil and features Anagha and Gouri G Kishan as the actors. It is directed by VG Balasubramanian and the music has been composed by Govind Vasantha. The video shows the story of a female dancer who struggles to understand her sexuality, gets attracted towards another female dancer, battles her conservative father but has a supportive mother, and finally is able to embrace her identity.

Have a look at the video here:

People online lauded the Tamil entertainment industry for coming up with such a brilliant video. Many emphasised on the importance of representation and demanded for more such videos to be made.

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For a very long time, LGBTQ+ people were shown as laughing stock in films and other such videos. They were used to make the audience laugh at the expense of their dignity. A very good example of this is how the Hindi film industry treated Bobby Darling. However, this video manages to beautifully show an LGBTQ+ couple living a normal life, fighting normal battles, just like everyone else. And this is another step in the right direction!

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