Desi Twitter Shares Heartwarming Stories Of What They Did With Their 1st Salary

‘Firsts’ are always very special. First day in college. The first day joining an office. First date. First salary. It’s always memorable. Especially the rush of getting your first salary, the money which you earned with sheer hard work. And just like Siddharth did in ‘Wake Up Sid’, many of us must have placed our first salary in the hands of our parents.

IAS Officer Awanish Sharan took to Twitter to ask people what they did with their first salary.

And the responses were incredibly touching! For many, it was a life-changing moment as they bought things which would make their lives easier. It kinda reminds the rest of us of how privileged we are.

Lifelong wishes were fulfilled and the dreams of many parents became a reality.

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Anyone reading this who is yet to receive their first salary, I hope the day is as meaningful as it was for the above-mentioned people!

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