10 Unique Feelings You Get When You Have Your First Crush


There is always a first time for everything. First day at school, first day at college, that first day when you make a new ‘first friend’ in school, first day of work etc. The most special first is most definitely the first time you have a crush on someone. There is an unexplained difference between first crush and first time falling in love, but the symptoms are pretty much the same.

Here is what every person who first time experiences butterflies in the stomach, when they can’t stop staring at the person they like, goes through.

1. A lot of butterflies flutter in your stomach constantly. Especially more when you see or hear about them

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Those tickles feel great and you wonder why?


2. All you want to do is see them once a day

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And your day is complete. If by chance you don’t see them at least once, you start feeling restless.


3. Given a chance, you would stare at them for hours and that’s the best part of the day

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Simply looking at them makes you feel ecstatic.


4. Talk about them with anyone and everyone

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Even if the topic has nothing to do with them, you will somehow find ways to relate it with them. Because all you want to do is talk and think about them.


5. Stalk them on social networking sites

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Join Instagram just so that you can check out their photos. 😛


6. Every romantic film you watch or song you listen to reminds you of them

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You can suddenly relate to all the love songs, as if they were written for you.


7. You stop your friends from teasing you, but honestly you absolutely love it when they associate you with them

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Days when they don’t tease you, you strike up a conversation that has their reference, so they get back to the teasing. 😉


8. Your best friends push you to go ahead and talk to them or become friends with them, and you blush. And then blush some more

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You really want to go talk to them, but you’re drenched deep in shyness.


9. Your nights suddenly grow longer, because you’re busy dreaming about them

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Insomnia feels like a good thing. Let me check if he/she’s online.


10. When you do talk to them for the first time, you can’t stop yourself from re-playing that memory in your mind time and again

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You only think about the first handshake or hug, and the way they spoke.

First will always be special and unforgettable because every first is the beginning of a brand new story. 🙂

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