Desis Are Using The First Letter In Their Name To Tweet Hilarious Qualities They Possess

Twitter is one of those platforms where you can get real-time entertainment courtesy of hilarious, new trends that keep popping up every now and then. For instance, desis expressed their feelings for their crush with the ‘what more hints do you want’ trend or how people online paid homage to their childhood with the ‘you just had to be there’ trend.

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And now another new trend has sprung up where people associate the first alphabet of their name with a hilarious quality they have as a person. Check it out:

And others joined in.

1. This one’s my fav!

2. Where’s my overthinking brigade at?

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3. No lies detected.

4. How the pandemic has made me feel

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5. Satyavachan!

6. So relatable!

7. The trend has certainly caught on!

What does the first letter of your name stand for? Tell us in the comments section.

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