India’s First Trans Queen Opens Up About The Feeling Of Being Trapped In The Body Of A Boy

We talk about unity in diversity. We talk about race, colour, religion and we forget to talk about something that’s bigger than each one of us. Humanity. Because humanity is a reason enough to help someone, be kind, love, create, praise, protect and ACCEPT.

And let’s be honest, in the past one year, India has seen acceptance in ways that it has never seen before. From pride parades in most amazing cities of the country, Kochi metro hiring transsexuals to people appreciating the match of a boy and a girl at a transformation clinic – I see a bright side here.

Taking another step towards acceptance, India got its first Trans Queen in Gurugram. Nitasha Biswas, a 26-year-old woman hailing from Kolkata, has created history.

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Nitasha was a boy when she was growing up. Baring the truth about her life, Biswas opened up to Hindustan Times in a tell all interview and said that she knew that she was a girl inside when she was just in class 4.

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“My mother died when I was very small so my dad played the role of a mother and father both. My brother (seven years elder) also supported me a lot because I came out to him in Class 6, though I knew about myself since Class 4.


She underwent a sex change operation. It took her 3-4 years to transform from a boy to girl. Speaking about how she was braving a battle on the inside, she said,

“It’s tough because you need to understand who you are as a person and who you are as a soul.”


Her elder brother, on the other hand, was convinced it was just a phase and it would pass with time. He even tried to make her watch porn. He wanted his little brother to get attracted to girls. She recalled the incident and said,

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“He thought that it was a phase I was going through and that I would fall out of it and start liking girls, but I told him I am a girl myself. In fact, when I was in Class 10 he told me that it’s high time I started watching porn. So, he gave me an adult CD and I gave it to my father, who freaked out. My brother didn’t talk to me for a week.”


While she came out to people about how she felt, a lot of friends made fun of her behind her back. But there were people who always stood by her and that is why she came through. Recalling how it was to come out to her father, she said,

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“When I finally came out to my father, I told him, ‘I am the reincarnation of your wife, so you cannot throw me out. This is when I was in Mumbai, had become a girl, and my father had come to meet me.‘”
Even before my transition, my father was trying to convince me that I should get married and that he would look for a Bengali girl for me. Which is when I told him, “But I want a Bengali boy!”


Nitasha also expressed her concern about the transgender community and said that 70% of trans women are depressed. They don’t get treated well, they don’t get any jobs, people look down upon them, they lack family backing and support. As a consequence, they end up in the sex trade.

She also shared a heartbreaking incident where a transgender woman was forced to join a circus because no one gave her a job.

“Sometime back, I also came to know about a transgender woman who was not accepted by her family due to which she decided to leave her house. She ended up in a circus, performing as a freak show. Though people used to laugh at her, she used to feel good because she could finally be what she thought herself as. But, the situation kept worsening for her, and ultimately when she died, there was no one there to even cremate her.”


Nitasha will represent our country at the Miss International Trans Queen in Thailand in March 2018. She is bold, beautiful and wears her crown like a true Queen.

If only we let anyone with a voice breathe and accept them for who they are, this is the kind of magic they can create!

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