Clothes To Consent, Desis Give Brilliant Advice To Guy Who Just Bagged His First Ever Date

First dates are immensely special. The jitters, the nervousness, the stolen glances, hesitation before holding hands, butterflies in your tummy, everything about a first date is magical, especially when you’re with the right person.

So, one guy finally bagged his first-ever date with a girl and took to Reddit to ask for suggestions. He revealed that he met the girl online and after spending almost a year talking to each other, they decided to meet. He further divulged that they planned on watching a movie together and then grabbing dinner.

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Have a look:

WOW! It’s really happening, I'(m) going on my first Date EVER tomorrow, I have no idea what to do, nervous af, Help me. from india

And many people online took the situation at hand damn seriously and decided to shower advice on the lucky man…quite extensively.

For example, take a look at this response! From what to wear, how to behave, and how to initiate a conversation, this guy covered everything from start to finish!


I just love how many guys stressed on consent, even regarding something as simple as holding hands.


Dear guys, don’t give your date a gift the first time you meet. If you really want to though, a chocolate or a single flower can suffice.

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Also, what’s the point of going out for a movie on your first date when you won’t even be able to talk?

Eye contact!

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And lastly, don’t try too hard. Just be yourself.

We hope the girl is impressed!

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