Australian MP Becomes The 1st Woman To Breastfeed In Parliament. A Step Towards Change!

When a working women gets pregnant, people around talk in muffled voices. But she hears them all! They talk because they think she is¬†incompetent now, they assume she won’t travel for work anymore (because she has an excuse), they are worried about how many holidays is she going to take and so much more.

But you know what, she is much more than you think she is. She is more powerful and full of energy. Let me break it down, in layman terms – Pregnancy, changes her body; it doesn’t affect her mind, her skills and her ease to do work. CLEAR, NOW?

If not, there is someone who is proving to the world everything, by doing the DEED and shattering all stereotypes along the way.

Only 11-weeks-old Alia Joy, sleeping peacefully in the arms of her mother, Australian politician Larissa Waters, has no clue that she is going down in history. She became the first baby to be breastfed in the Parliament. Larissa tweeted the picture of this moment of historic significance and said,

Larissa, is a 40-year-old mom, who joined the office after giving birth to her second daughter. She breastfed her while a vote was being cast.


Larissa also tweeted about Australian MP Kirstie Marshal, who was evicted from the Parliament in 2003, for breastfeeding her 11-day-old baby.

This just made my day so much better. In leaders like Larissa Waters, we see the reflection of a progressive society.

A women doesn’t become any less competent with a baby by her side. If anything, after she is a mother, she only becomes stronger.

News Source: Mirror