Salons In Vietnam Offer The ‘Hottest’ Beauty Trend: Setting Your Face On Fire!

Beauty is Pain. We’ve always heard that but some beauty treatments just boggle the mind. Kim Kardashian swears by Vampire facials. There are also snail and caviar facials. Also, remember when we told you guys about Hollywood celebrities using foreskin facials? You know, the one Sandra Bullock calls a penis facial? Well, if you thought that was creepy, you’re going to love this. The latest skincare fad is – Fire Therapy from Vietnam.

Wait, what? Actual fire?

Yes. Fire therapy is real. The procedure involves soaking towels in alcohol and then setting them alight. These towels are placed on the face or body for 30 seconds to a minute. The fire is extinguished by placing a dry towel over it. Men and women in Vietnam are getting it done to burn away impurities and excess fat.

Don’t believe us? Look for yourself

Claims suggest that it can prevent and cure headaches, sleeplessness, and muscular pain. According to Vietnam News, National Hospital of Acupuncture in Hanoi is officially testing fire therapy. They will test its effectiveness in treating obesity or digestive diseases like dyspepsia, ulcerative colitis or gastritis.

Is this really safe?

The Health Department has only licensed and trained doctors of Ho Chi Minh City Traditional Medicine Institute. Any other fire therapy practitioner is unlicensed. Salons that are offering this treatment are putting people at risk. Risk of asphyxiation for both patients and therapists.

None of this has deterred local spas and private beauty salons. They have gone underground and are illicitly promoting the treatment. They are inviting customers and charging something as low as VNĐ200,000-250,000 (INR 600-750). All in the name of youthful, glowing skin.

Dracarys, anyone?

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