Can You Finish The Lyrics Of These 10 Hindi Holi Songs In This Quiz? If Yes Toh Rang Barse!

Rang barse bhige chunar waali rang barse!

The streets are filled with local sellers selling gulaal and pichkari. Sweet shops now have Holi-themed goodies. People are creating playlists lined up with their favourite party tracks. The festival of colours is finally here!


And the songs that are definitely making it to the ultimate Holi party list are the ones listed below. But all you have to do is jog your memory because if you don’t know the complete lyrics of the songs, then maza hi kya hai?

So take this quiz and complete the lyrics of the following Hindi Holi songs:

1. "Hum tere deewane hain, hum aashiq _____ hain."

2. "To aaj yaar ghar pe ye bol do, aayenge der se _____"

3. "Itna maza kyu aa raha hai, tune hawa mein _____"

4. "Gaalon se yeh gaal laga ke, nainon se yeh nain mila ke, Holi aaj manana, sajan humein _____"

5. "Kal kal behta tha, chhal chhal rehta tha, taan le ke _____"

6. "Meri har manmaani bas tum tak, _____ bas tum tak."

7. "Holi aayi re piya ji re des re, Mhaaro Shyam hathilo Kanho, kesar khelat _____"

8. "Tune na bulaya par main teri gali aaya, le le saare badle jo maine _____"

9. "Haan...maine rang se bhar li maang, jo ab ke holi jali, _____ gali gali."

10. "Ho purple hai t-shirt humar, tohri _____ ki chunariya."

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