This Is What The Length Of Your Fingers Say About You

There is no dearth of weird scientific studies… and evidence that these studies are actually true. Did you know that the length of your fingers can reveal a lot about your personality?

Research suggests that the length of your ring finger can reveal the amount of exposure you have had to testosterone, when you are a fetus in the womb. Exposure to testosterone at that stage has a profound effect on your behaviour and susceptibility to diseases, according to research. People with shorter index fingers tend to be more aggressive -and have more willingness to take risks. The length of your fingers can also predict how prone you are to diseases.

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Compare your left hand to the image above. Out of A, B and C, which one does it resemble?


If your left hand resembles image A:

Research suggests that people who have longer ring fingers than index fingers are generally charming- which others find irresistible. They are beautiful in appearance, and a bit more aggressive. They are also more willing to take risks easily. Usually, these people belong to the following professions: chess player, engineer, soldier. They also tend to earn more than people with shorter ring fingers. They are also successful in solving crosswords.

Women who have shorter index fingers than their ring fingers enjoy greater professional success. These people also tend to be extroverts.


If it resembles image B:

People with shorter ring fingers tend to full of themselves. They are also self-confident. They accept and appreciate the attention they receive, but at the same time they also like to be alone in their free time and enjoy solitude. These people are not the type to take the first step in a relationship.

According to scientists at the Institute Of Cancer Research, men whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers are significantly less likely to develop prostate cancer. A long index finger suggests a lower risk of early heart disease, but a higher risk of breast cancer and greater fertility in women. People with relatively long index fingers are also more likely to suffer from allergies, eczema, schizophrenia, and hay fever.


If it resembles image C:

People whose ring and index finger is of the same length tend to avoid confrontations. They get uncomfortable if they find themselves in a conflict, and are peace loving. They are caring towards their partners, full of tenderness, and tend to be faithful in a relationship.

Science or not, this is certainly fun.

Facts sourced from Dailymail & Healthylifetricks

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