Son Seeks A Groom For His ‘Headstrong & Supportive’ Single Mom, Receives Support & Offers Online

Indian parents are known for being pro-active in finding a suitable match for their children’s wedding, but it is truly heartwarming to see the reverse where children set out to find the perfect partner for a single parent. For instance, a girl named Aastha Verma tweeted about finding a handsome groom for her mom and received praise and support online from everyone.

Following her lead, a 26-year old Redditor contacted her as he too has set out to find a match for his 50-year old mother. However, he discovered that Aastha and her mother haven’t found any luck yet, and “found a load of creeps”.

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He thus started a Reddit thread for everyone to share similar experiences they might’ve had with their relatives:-

People had many suggestions and insights to offer. A lot of people surprisingly endorsed the idea of nosy Indian uncles and aunties as matchmakers and presented them in a new light. Check it out:-

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Here are some other comments people had to say about his process:-

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And finally, as luck would have it, he found a potential proposed match right on that very thread:-

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Love and marriage are not bound by age, and millennials are definitely showing us how. What are your views on this? Tell us!

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