Desis Offer Advice After Guy Asks If It’s Difficult For Indians To Find A Spouse Post 30

In India, there are a lot of factors people consider before getting married. For some, finding the right partner is of utmost importance, for others being of the ‘marriageable age’ tops their list.

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This time around, people on Reddit had a brief discussion on this topic after a man, turning 29 in a few weeks, was getting anxious because all his friends were getting married.

He asked:

Is it difficult for Indians to find a spouse post 30? from india

Desis online immediately came to his rescue and shared how they felt about his situation.

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There were many on the same boat.

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‘Better to marry late than to marry wrong,’ advised some.

You still have time.

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It’s FOMO, maybe.

IMO, there’s no ‘right age’ for anyone to get married. The urge to be someone’s permanent roommate will come from within when you meet ‘your person.’ Till then, enjoy life. What say?

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