After Becoming An Overnight Sensation, Fiji Water Girl Teaches How To Photobomb Like Her

2019 had begun and along with it came a lot of celebrations and resolutions. But for meme-lovers (like me) the jagg was seeming a little soona soona. And finally, on the 7th day she arrived on the red carpet of the Golden Globes: the Fiji Water Girl!

The Golden Globes was attended by Amy Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey, Idris Elba and many more celebrities. But when the photos came out, it was all about the Fiji Water Girl, who was omnipresent as hell.

So, how did actress and model Kelleth Cuthbert (yes, that’s her real name) be so visible in a night full of stars? Well, according to her, it was with her expert posing skills, which she decided to share with all of us.

From making “sultry” eye-contact to busting out some moves while posing, Cuthbert laid it all out to become an expert photo-bomber like herself. So, get busy practicing or get busy getting photo-bombed.

Ever since her stint at the Golden Globes, Cuthbert (or Fiji Water Girl) has become a star herself, appearing in various TV and radio shows.

She visited Late Late TV show host, James Corden.

In addition to that, she also showed off her posing skills at KTLA 5 News and at On with Mario Lopez.

It’s really difficult to understand what can turn you into an overnight sensation. But since this year’s first meme, the Fiji Water Girl, has given us some important tips, maybe we can start attending our very own IIFA Awards or Filmfare Awards and steal everyone’s thunder by emulating her style.