13 Reasons Why Girls Fall For Fictional Men From Books

Girls have a tendency of falling for the best kind of men..also known as fictional to some. We all have been there, some are probably still stuck there. From ridicules of friends to glares of boyfriends, “nothing’s gonna change my love for you”.
Here are few reasons why Fictional men appeal to us so much!

1. They can walk across the globe for you, if you happen to be their love interest

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Because miles are mere numbers to conquer!

2. They never give up on you and move on. NEVER!

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‘Cause if it’s not forever, it’s not love.

3. They always apologize for the times they mess up or do something wrong. Absolutely contrary to ‘real boyfriends’

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Ego is just a word before love!

4. They support you in every little thing you do

You can decide to binge eat 10 jars of Nutella and they’ll be there, holding the spoon for you.

5. They never comment on or are critical of how you look! You can be in your worst shape and they will find you beautiful

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You can wear anything from a bikini to a bed sheet and they won’t even bat an eye.

6. They believe in you even when you don’t

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They are your biggest source of encouragement on a dull day.

7. They always help you, even if you are with someone else, SANS any expectations

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Because love means putting the other’s needs before one’s own.

8. They cook

Love is served best with a gourmet meal. Or maybe a cheese burger!

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9. They smell nice. Always. EVERY ONE OF THEM

They will never make you feel the need to take your hanky out!

10. They take you out on the most amazing and simple dates. That’s right, both the features together

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Picnic under a starry sky to a swim in the ocean, book BFs never cease to surprise.

11.  They have the nicest things to say, to you and about you

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And they mean every word.

12. They put up with your crazy dysfunctional family and never complain about it

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They don’t run way screaming even when your mom tries to stuff his face with 4 helpings of food.

13. They always love their ladyloves. NO MATTER WHAT

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‘Cause Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All)!

So love away, book nerds, ’cause like Dumbledore said,”Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” and we totally agree!

Cover Image by smplstc on Flickr

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